Police Say Man Found Living In Underground Bunker Was There For Years

The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office made a shocking discovery while responding to a report of shots fired near the Milwaukee River. As deputies were searching the area, they stumbled onto an underground bunker and found 41-year-old Geoffrey Graff living inside.

The bunker was eight feet deep, eight feet wide, and 20 feet long, and officials believe he had been living there for a "considerable period" of time. Inside the bunker, they found four guns, three knives, and a bow and arrows. He also had boxes and cans of food, a grill, propane tanks, and a generator.

"Obviously it required some ingenuity for an individual to do something of this nature in, literally in an urban area, an urban setting and it go undetected for any period," Milwaukee County Sheriff Earnell Lucas said.

Graff told deputies that he fired his gun because he was upset that his dogs had run away. He was taken into custody and could face several charges. Graff was previously convicted of disorderly conduct in 2010 and 2012. Officials did not say why he was living in the bunker and noted that he was not a threat to the public.

Photo: Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office

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