Here's How 9 Of Netflix's Christmas Films Are Connected

Over the last few years, Netflix has released a slew of Christmas rom-coms. With the arrival of the latest holiday outing for the streaming service, the highly anticipated sequel to The Princess Switch, Netflix revealed 9 of their original Christmas flicks are actually connected.

According to Netflix, the Christmas Movie Cinematic Universe begins with the 2018 filmThe Holiday Calendar. During filming, a scene called for a movie or show to be playing on a TV in the background. "It felt like a natural fit to show one of our other films available on Netflix," Amanda Phillips Atkins, EVP at production company MPCA, dished. So, the production team added a scene from Netflix's 2017 film The Christmas Inheritance.

The idea to include The Christmas Inheritance went over so well that Netflix did the same thing during a scene in The Princess Switch, which also includes a cameo from A Christmas Prince. When The Knight Before Christmas debuted in 2019, a scene from Holiday in the Wild shows up on a TV screen in the background.

In addition to the films being played in the background of the others, there are also a bunch of fun references made in the scripts that connect each film. The Knight Before Christmas includes a line of dialogue that references Aldovia—AKA the fictional European country where A Christmas Prince takes place. A map seen in A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby reveals Aldovia's nearby neighboring countries are Belgravia and Montenaro — AKA the countries from The Princess Switch.

Netflix even created a handy little graphic that breaks down how all of the movies are connected:

Netflix took things a step further with The Princess Switch: Switched Again when Amber and Prince Richard from the Christmas Prince franchise make a cameo at the end of the film. During Margaret Delacourt's coronation, the royal couple can be seen in the crowd with their daughter Princess Elleri, who was born in the third Christmas Prince installment.

Photo: Netflix

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