The Reason Grace VanderWaal Can't Be Homeschooled


Grace VanderWaal is not your average 15-year-old. The singer/songwriter best known for singing along with her ukulele from America's Got Talent season eleven. The singer won solely on her original songs and her talent has only brought her more success since being on the show.

However even with a booming music career, VanderWaal can not spend her time being home schooled. "I did online school, and it's just... it doesn't work for people.. I'm the type of person that needs to be forced to do things, you know what I mean?" says VanderWaal on her homeschool experience. "If it's on a laptop and I have the choice to close it or not, I'm just going to close it." The singer continues saying, "I did it all of 7th grade, and I remember finishing the 7th grade, like 11:30 trying to get it done before 12 o'clock and I really thought I was going to be held back for 7th grade." Well luckily, VanderWaal was able to pass and now we all can enjoy go to her shows and enjoy her music!

Watch VanderWaal talk upcoming projects and more in her full interview with Brady above!

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