8 Year Old Wins First Place In National Mullet Championship

The mullet is alive and well in Texas. Young Jaxson Crossland is good at a lot of things, like boxing, fishing, and riding his dirt bike. But this 8-year-old also rocks a serious mullet.

The third-grader from Celeste, Texas, just took first place for best mullet in the kid's category at the USA Mullet Championships. His prize was $500. Zoie Shepard, Jaxson's mom said, "Jax has been just ecstatic since winning. It's been so great to be able to enter him into something that celebrates what makes him different."

After winning, Jaxson used his $500 to buy boxing gear and take boxing classes. He "enjoyed every second of it," Shepard said. When asked how he feels about winning, Jaxson said, "I can't give autographs right now, cause I don't know cursive."