A New Service Lets You Practice Sexting by Doing It with a Robot

Omg. what is happening right now.

A new service launched yesterday called "Slutbot" that lets you practice sexting by doing it with a ROBOT. How much you wanna bet someone tries it, their significant other sees it . . . thinks it's a real person . . . and FLIPS OUT. 

There are two different settings that let you decide how filthy you want it to get: "Slow and Gentle" or "Hot and Sexy." The people who created the bot say most people are opting for the second one so far. (Tried both, and it gets VERY dirty. Even the "Slow and Gentle" setting gets R-rated after a while.)

It's totally free. Just text the word "slutbot" to 415-650-0395 to get started. The one rule is you can't use derogatory terms, like the B-word. And if it ever makes you uncomfortable, you can end the conversation by using the safe word, "pineapple."

This is so weird.

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iHeart Colt

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