Man Sues Godiva For $74000 After Learning Chocolates Aren't Made In Belgium

A Virginia man apparently takes his chocolate VERY seriously. Kevin Fahey spent $15 on Godiva chocolate in Washington, D.C. which were wrapped with the statement "Belgium 1926"-- which he now claims is misleading.

You see, the Belgium chocolate company has factories both IN Belgium and Pennsylvania, and you can probably guess where Fahey's chocolates came from. Yep, the Pennsylvania factory birthed his pricey chocolates and he isn't happy about it. In fact, he's doing something about it on behalf of all of us who may also feel deceived. He decided to file a civil suit agains the company, suing for $74,000 in damages on behalf of himself and others who may have also felt deceived in their purchase.

He claims, "Members of the DC general public are paying a premium for what they believe are products of a country with a reputation for premier chocolate, whereas the product is made in the United States, and in a different manner as a result."

Godiva maintains that the packaging reflects the place and year the company was founded.

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