California Man Arrested For Stealing Roommate's $10M Lottery Ticket

If you've ever been mad at your roommate, I'm almost positive that your problems weren't as bad as this guys. 

A man in California has been arrested for allegedly trying to steal his roommate's lottery ticket. It wasn't just any lottery ticket... it turned out to be worth $10 million dollars.

The police said that the victim tried to cash in his $30 scratch off ticket that he thought was worth $10,000 but got turned away. They told him the ticket had been altered and wasn't a winner.

The next day his roommate tried to cash in the ticket to find out that it wasn't worth $10,000 but that it was worth a whopping $10 million!!

It ended up being a really unfortunate situation for both of the guys because the ticket was reported as stolen. But he was invited to go "collect the money" at the lottery office when he was greeted by police and arrested instead!

So I'm just guessing but you and you're roommate fighting over who gets to shower first isn't as bad as their situation! And to lighten the mood, here's a classic vine!

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