How Many Times Did Ariana Grande Say "Yuh" in Thank U, Next Album

If you've ever listened to Ariana Grande's music then you probably know that she's a big fan of the word, "yuh."

Soooo, I decided to count how many times she uses the word "yuh" in her newest album, "thank u, next." I think that it's probably best if I break it down for yuh!

Track 1 - imagine : 0 times

Track 2 - needy: 1 time

Track 3 - NASA: 0 times

Track 4 - bloodline: 15 times

Track 5 - fake smile: 3 times

Track 6 - bad idea: 13 times

Track 7 - make up: 0 times

Track 8 - ghostin: 2 times

Track 9 - in my head: 7 times

Track 10 - 7 rings: 13 times

Track 11 - thank u, next: 2 times

Track 12 - break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored: 37 times

Bringing it to a grand total of... 93 times!!

Granted I might have missed a couple... but yeah that's A LOT of yuh's!

Please enjoy Ari saying yuh a bunch of times in Sweetner!

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