Sexy NJ Easter Display Taken Down By Unhappy Neighbor

Wayne Gangi, a dentist from Clifton, New Jersey has received backlash in the past for his over the top Halloween displays but now he's getting even more flack for his controversial Easter display.

Gangi has been in the media before for his elaborate Halloween display. Back in 2012 his display of huge fuzzy spiders, bloody corpses and skeletons attracted tons of visitors as well as a parking fiasco as Clifton police cracked down on what had been called traffic hazards. He has received both praise and criticism for his decorations.

The dentist recently put up new Easter decorations which consist of "sexy" mannequins and some people are not happy about it. The decorations seemed to be really offensive to one woman who decided to take the display down with garden shears yesterday! Around 1pm yesterday a New York City news crew was filming the display when a women who said her name was Desire Mozek and lives in the area decided to take the display down. Now Clifton police are looking into the vandalism and are looking for the woman.

In case you're wondering what these "sexy" mannequins were wearing... they had on fishnet stockings, brightly colored wigs with bunny ears and sexy lingerie.

Not everyone took offense to the Easter display some people actually thought it was really funny. But apparently this isn't the first time the mannequins made an appearance. Neighbors said that they appeared as part of a Valentine's Day display and in green for St. Patrick's Day.

You can see a journalist below with the display and clips of the display being destroyed!

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