Ladies and Gentlemen, Please Welcome New York's Newest Mascot!

Everybody remembers the infamous Pizza Rat. Oh, how he walked up those subway steps with his victory pizza. With such finesse! He took the Tri-State area by storm and captured New York's heart. But now, it appears we have a new champion, and arguably just as New York as the Pizza Rat himself. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet New York's newest mascot... Cigarette Cockroach!

Weighing in at way, way less than an ounce, at about a two or three centimeters in length, we have the Cigarette Cockroach, holding a cigarette bud and crawling around the streets. And the internet LOVES this little guy. He's a symbol for the stressed working class. A stressed-out 'sect with places to go and no time to waste!

The original tweeter of the cockroach was a genius with it, and Twitter is not wasting any time poking fun at the video. Some people have even compared the roach with the talking parasites from Men in Black, which is HILARIOUS. Other's aren't comparing him to anyone, but instead praising him as the hero that America didn't want, but the one it deserved!

Pretty soon, we'll all be saying Pizza Rat who?

Photo: Getty Images

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