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Ryan Seacrest

Ryan is quite simply one of the most influential, well-regarded, and well-known names in Hollywood. He is the quintessential Hollywood insider who...Full Bio


Your Weekly Horoscopes - September 25, 2023

It's the first horoscope of the Fall season! Cooler weather, yellow leaves, and great weeks ahead!

· ARIES – Give yourself permission to take some time this week to do something pleasurable, you can transform. Your week is an 8.2

· TAURUS – This week it’s time to give your social life a big boost. Make some plans. Your week is a 7.0

· GEMINI – You are adjusting to a big change in your daily life. Give yourself extra space to rest. Your week is a 6.9

· CANCER – This is a great week to call in a friendship or a love interest. Your week is an 8.7

· LEO – A moment of inspiration will give you a breakthrough in a relationship. Your week is a 7.7

· VIRGO – Choose to believe this work issue will work out in your favor. Your week is an 8.0

· LIBRA – Do not hide anything about yourself. If you are dating…revisit your profile and be as honest as possible. Your week is a 7.2

· SCORPIO – Do not let the boss intimidate you. Stand your ground. Your week is an 8.5

· SAGITTARIUS – You need to make a decision and let go of any anxiety it’s creating in your life. Your week is a 7.0

· CAPRICORN – A deal of some sort may come back to life this week. Your week is an 8.9

· AQUARIUS – Time to negotiate for what you want… don’t just take what’s given to you. Your week is a 9.0

· PISCES – Do not underestimate yourself! Your week is an 8.8

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