Uber Can Now Operate at Eastern Iowa Airport

The Cedar Rapids Airport Commission signed a deal yesterday with Uber, allowing the ride sharing service to operate at the Eastern Iowa Airport. The airport has had an agreement in place with Uber-competitor Lyft since earlier this year, but now both services are free drop off and pick up travelers at the Cedar Rapids airport. 

According to the agreement, Uber will be paying a one-time $1,000 permit fee plus a $2 fee per pickup, paid every month. Additionally, the contract establishes a kind of imaginary fence around the airport's property, where both Uber and Lyft drivers are prohibited from driving on the clock unless they have arranged a pick-up or drop-off with a customer. 

Travelers now have two more options for transportation to and from the airport to add to the selection of taxis, shuttle buses and limos.

Sean Strife


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