Five Things You Should Care About... This Week!

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Here is this week's edition of "Five Things You Should Care About... This Week!" with reporter Christiana Lilly! Follow her on Twitter at @ChristianaLilly. Listen to the podcast below and read a full-recap after the jump!

5. Terror attack in New York City

- A man drove his van into a bike path in Manhattan on Tuesday, killing eight people and injuring a dozen others

- Officially deemed an act of terrorism

- New York City's annual Halloween parade continued on that evening

4. Robert Mueller's investigation amps up

- Mueller was hiring to investigate the Trump campaign's link to Russia

- Paul Manafort, former campaign adviser, has been charged with tax fraud, money laundering

- Other high ups have been indicted and asked to testify

3. GOP releases their plan for tax reform

- One of Trump's big goals has been an overhaul of the tax system -- many say it is too complicated and taxes are too high

- Tax would go down for a lot of Americans, but there are some downers in the plan

- Wouldn't be able to write off your student loans or mortgage as much as before.

2. "House of Cards" is out

- In the slough of sexual harassment allegations, Kevin Spacey is now one of them, Netflix is putting a stop to the show while they investigate

- An actor says when he was 14, Spacey made sexual advances towards him

- Actors from "House of Cards" says he made work miserable

1. Astros win the World Series!

- Houston Astros beat the LA Dodgers to win the franchise's first ever World Series

- After everything that Houston has been through, this is a welcome piece of news 


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